Tech and Library Grade 1

NHPS Technology Benchmark Continuum                     First Grade

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Students Will…

  1. 1.gc     General Communication
Semester Taught
    • 1.gc.1   Find buttons and icons on the computer screen to make simple programs work (ex. Open, close, font, save, etc)
  • 1.gc.2   Use the mouse and keys effectively
  • 1.gc.3   Print
  • 1.gc.4   Open files or applications correctly
  • 1.gc.5   Double-click on program icon
  • 1.gc.6   Begin Basic Keyboarding Skills
  • 1.gc.7   Use computer/technology vocabulary
  1. 1.gir    Gathering Information/Research
    • 1.gir.1  Use teacher’s favorite websites to get information (approved sites)
  • 1.gir.2  Understand and abide by the NHPS Acceptable Use Policy 
  • 1.gir.3   Extend understanding of “property” to include the work of other people
  • 1.gir.4  Recognize and use desktop/toolbar icons and menus
  • 1.gir.5  Introduce on-line reference searching using the alphabet
  1. 1.p       Publishing
    • 1.p.1     Create and present one or more curriculum-related multimedia projects (ex. Paint)