Science Kindergarten

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**Elem Science in NHPS uses kits that rotate among schools.

Check with each school for Rotation Details.                              

Unit Titles

Learning Outcomes


A INQ.1     Make observations and ask questions about objects, organisms and the environment. 

A INQ.2     Use senses and simple measuring tools to collect data. 

A INQ.3     Make predictions based on observed patterns. 

A INQ.4     Read, write, listen and speak about observations of the natural world. 

A INQ.5     Seek information in books, magazines and pictures. 

A INQ.6     Present information in words and drawings. 

A INQ.7     Use standard tools to measure and describe physical properties such as weight, length and temperature. 

A INQ.8     Use nonstandard measures to estimate and compare the sizes of objects. 

A INQ.9     Count, order and sort objects by their properties. 

A INQ.10  Represent information in bar graphs.

A7 Describe and record daily weather conditions.

A8 Relate seasonal weather patterns to appropriate choices of clothing and activities. 

A1 Use the senses and simple measuring tools, such as rulers and equal-arm balances, to observe common objects and sort them into groups based on size, weight, shape or color.

A2 Sort objects made of materials such as wood, paper and metal into groups based on properties such as flexibility, attraction to magnets, and whether they float or sink in water.

A3 Count objects in a group and use mathematical terms to describe quantitative relationships such as: same as, more than, less than, equal, etc.

A9 Describe the types of materials used by people to build houses, and the properties that make the materials useful

A4 Describe the similarities and differences in the appearance and behaviors of plants, birds, fish, insects and mammals (including humans).

A5 Describe the similarities and differences in the appearance and behaviors of adults and their offspring.

A6 Describe characteristics that distinguish living from nonliving things.

Significant Task Weather Report 

What Are Seasons

Wood Sculptures Our Very Own Tree

Supporting Materials

STC KIT Weather Lessons 1-16 FOSS KIT: Wood


Delta Science Kit Properties