Suggestions for The New School Year


At the beginning of a new school year, here are some general suggestions for parents, grandparents and caregivers as they think about helping children succeed in school:
* Use new words daily as you play and work together. Talk about what happened at school during the day, and what activities may be coming up soon.
* Take your children to the library to select books and to participate in library activities. Do you or your children need a library card? Ask your school librarian for help.
* Read aloud to your children. Even short periods of read-aloud time make a tremendous difference for a child learning to use words. Let your children read aloud to you too!
* Enjoy the materials your children bring home from school. Use positive words of encouragement and praise whenever possible.
* Share meals together whenever possible. Mealtimes present an opportunity for math, science, social studies and language arts in family conversation and meal preparation. They also offer a chance for children to practice good manners, good citizenship and helping others.
Visit the Family Resource Center in your school or talk to the Parent Outreach workers. They want to help you make it possible for your children to have a successful school year!
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