Student Success Plans

NHPS Vision for College and Career Readiness 

Students learn through meaningful and coherent experiences that support their intellectual, emotional and physical development, and that these experiences must be created in individual classrooms, within the school as a whole, and extend beyond the school into their lives.  


The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized student driven plan that has been developed to address every student’s needs and interests to help each student stay connected in school and to achieve social, emotional, physical, postsecondary educational and career goals. 


The SSP begins in the sixth grade and continues through high school to provide the student support and assistance in setting goals for social, emotional, physical and academic growth, meeting rigorous high school expectations, and exploring postsecondary education and career interests


New Haven Public Schools uses Naviance create each student's individual success plan. Overall goals for the student success plan are:


Ø  Students determine what they like and what they are best suited for

Ø  Students determine what they need to do to get there

Ø  Intersection and integration with cross-curricular graduation standards

Ø  Student Success Plans as part of portfolio of evidence that students are ready for graduation (college/career).


The individual student success plans are developed based on the following themes:

Ø  Goal Setting

Ø  Study Skills (Note taking)

Ø  Time Management

Ø  Career Pathways

Ø  Agency & Self-Advocacy


Click here to Naviance Family Connection for students and parents.  This is where you can find your child's electronic portfolio for his or her student success plan. If you need assistance with login information, please contact your child's school counselor.


Click here to view the individual student plans per grade level:


New Haven Public Schools Plan:

District Plan


Click here to view each school's comprehensive approach to support the student success plans:


High School Plans

Co-op Arts & Humanities High School

Cortlandt V.R. Creed Health and Sports Sciences High School

Engineering and Science University Magnet School

Hill Regional Career High School

High School in the Community

James Hillhouse High School

Metropolitan Business Academy

New Haven Academy

New Horizons School for Higher Achievement

New Light High School

Riverside Education Academy

Sound School

Wilbur Cross High School


Middle School Plans

Augusta Lewis Troup School

Barnard Magnet School

Benjamin Jepson Magnet School

Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School

Bishop Woods School

Brennan-Rogers Magnet School

Celentano Museum Academy

Clemente Leadership Academy

Clinton Avenue School

Columbus Family Academy

Conte/West Hills Magnet School

Davis Street Magnet School

East Rock Magnet School

Edgewood Magnet School

Engineering and Science University Magnet School

Fair Haven Middle School

Hill Central Music Academy

John C. Daniels School

John S. Martinez School

King/Robinson Magnet School

L.W. Beecher Magnet School

Lincoln Bassett School

Mauro/Sheridan Magnet School

Nathan Hale School

Ross/Woodward Magnet School

Truman School

Wexler/Grant School

Worthington Hooker School