SAT Information

On October 7, 2015, the Connecticut State Board of Education adopted the SAT (created by the College Board) as the annual state assessment for eleventh graders in Connecticut. All students in Connecticut must be tested once in high school for English Language Arts/ Literacy and Mathematics using the same assessment for all students. This is a requirement of federal and state law. By adopting the SAT, we are eliminating duplicate testing and eleventh grade students in Connecticut will have an opportunity to take the SAT free of charge during the school day.
Connecticut SAT Testing Day:                    
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
throughout all Connecticut high schools                              
Testing Duration:   3 hours and 30 min– administration time determined by each high school
SAT Components:  Evidence Based Reading, Writing and Mathematics (essay not included)
NHPS has partnered with the College Board and Khan Academy for students to receive FREE personalized SAT Test Prep online.  To access Khan Academy, students should log into their College Board Account and click on “Khan Academy”.

Resources will provide targeted review and authentic practice with SAT approved questions. Please visit Khan Academy to view resources such as sample questions, printable full practice tests, and other practice materials at Khan Academy. For more information about assessments, you may also visit our web site at