Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) in Spanish - students will be instructed in both the native language and English up to a maximum of 60 months. The amount of time taught in English will gradually increase every year in order to have students ready to exit the program after 60 months. 
English as a Second Language (ESL) - Parent refuses TBE for any reason and approves that the child is placed in an all English classroom but receiving ESL support services given by an ESL tutor or teacher. 
No EL Services- the parent refuses all types of English language support programs or academic program options available  for ELLs and chooses to have their child in an all English Immersion classroom.   
Sheltered Content with Bilingual Support (Grade 9 ONLY) - eligible for bilingual program but with more than 30 months before High School graduation, participating in Sheltered Content classes with bilingual and/or native language  support (only in schools where bilingual education is mandated). 
Sheltered Content Classes with ESL Support (Grades 10-12 ONLY)- eligible for bilingual program but with fewer than 30 months before High School graduation, participating in Sheltered Content classes with ESL support services. 
Dual Language Immersion Program (application required)- available to all students whose parents are committed to the goals of bilingualism and bi-literacy in both English and Spanish.  No Newcomers can enter this program after grade 2.  Availability to this Program is based on enrollment and might not be available at the time of registration; however, the student can be placed in a wait list for any of the two dual language schools. 
Newcomer Program- available for Non-English Speakers who have just arrived in the US with or without any previous schooling (available in grades K-8).  Students participating in this program will be receiving intensive English language instruction in a multi-grade environment.  Students will be exited once they meet the exit criteria for this program.  Once exited, they will enter the mainstream, with the option of receiving ESL push-in and/or pull-out services.  
NOTE: parents have the option of opting out their child from any of the programs above at anytime during the school year.