Ross Woodward Classical Studies School

185 Barnes Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513

Phone: 475-220-3100
Fax: 203-691-3170
Grade Levels: Pre K- 8
School Population: approx. 530
Hours: 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM
Principal: Cheryl Brown

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Mission Statement


Ross Woodward Magnet School of Classical Studies places an emphasis on the classical tradition of educating the whole child. This includes instruction in, and encouragement for self-discipline, the connection between healthy minds and bodies, and appreciation for the universal principles of truth, justice, honesty and respect as contributing member of society.
Ross Woodward Magnet School of Classical Studies supports a rigorous classical curriculum. Students obtain knowledge and understanding of world history and the lessons of history for today’s world. They partake in explorations of classical world literature. Students gain an understanding and appreciation for the classics in art, music, dance, and theater. Students investigate great accomplishments in science and exploration. In pursuit of excellence, Ross Woodward Magnet School of Classical Studies focuses learning on what is timeless and of lasting significance.