NHPS School Health and Wellness Resources

1. Annual DWC Plan & Manual
2. Policies and Management Plans
3. Protocols

The following documents serve as references and resources about District and Board approved Health & Wellness Plans, policies and management plans to schools, parents and community partners:

Annual DWC Plans and Manuals:


  • 2016 Annual DWC Plan:
  • link:

  • District Wellness Manual: Update in progress       
  •  link:

Health/Wellness Board Approved Policies/Management Plans

  • District Wellness Policy : Updated 2017   
  •  link:   

  •  Food Allergy Policy-Updated 2017    
  •  link:

  • Food Allergy Management Plan: Developed 2017    
  •  link:

School Health/Wellness Protocols

Other Health/Wellness Materials, forms, resources for parents/schools: