West Rock Stream Academy

Formerly MicroSociety Magnet School

311 Valley Street
New Haven, CT 06515
Phone: 475-220-4900
Fax: 203-946-5794 
Grade Levels: PreK4 - 4th
School Population: approx. 257
Hours: 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM
Uniform School: Navy Blue Tops and Khaki Bottoms
Principal: Yolanda Jones-Generette
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West Rock Stream Academy where we take PRIDE in LEARNING!
 An Interdistrict Magnet School serving students in prek - 4th grade, who will grow in an environment dedicated to developing lifelong learners who are responsible, productive citizens who care about contributing to the culture and progress of society.
Here, your child is cultivated with a positive attitude and excellent work habits to achieve a capacity for high performance throughout the school years and beyond.
Our Vision  . . .
. . .  is to produce a community of lifelong learners who are responsible and productive citizens. Our expectation is all children reach their full academic and social potential.
Our Mission . . .
. . . is to develop each student's pride in learning by cultivating a positive attitude with excellent work habits.
Our Learning Environment Focus . . .
. . . is based on a growth mindset, high expectations and strives to provide knowledge, experiences, and skills necessary for all our students to be successful at their school, home and future workplace.

Our Magnet Focus . . .
. . . showcases students published works with peers, teachers, parents and the community to develop a greater confidence and ability to communicate in various plaforms of Writing Celebrations. I.e. Author's Teas
. . . facilitates the readers and writers workshop philosophy, an active student centered process, which focuses on the creation of publications by students to build skills in excellence and expression from the birth of an idea to sharing it in published form. Collaboration within the workshops entails sharing responses, ideas, drafts and finished products.
. . . incorporates a peer review process of students' written work that builds upon collaboration, helps students recognize their mistakes and equips them to be objective and resilient when being evaluated.
"I like going to this school because the teachers are nice. I really enjoy Writers Workshop because I get to use my imagination to create stories that I get to read to my class, teachers and principal." Eric H. Grade 4
Our Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Focus . . .
. . . is a school-wide systematic approach (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) with tools and strategies for defining, teaching, acknowledging appropriate behavior and correcting inappropriate behavior.
HEART Code of Pride

H   Have Pride in Everything You Do.
E    Effort is the key to success.
A   Attitude must be positive at all times.
R   Respect must be given in order to be received.
T   Treat others the way you want to be treated.

“An education that teaches you to understand something about the world has done only half of the assignment.  The other half is to teach you to do something about making the world a better place.” ~ Johnetta B. Cole